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Inbound marketing

Content is, without doubt, the single most important part of any website. Many will spend huge amounts of time to get the design just right, but without great content visitors will leave no matter how good your site looks.

Inbound marketing is becoming more and more important and with it content is what search engines and people are looking for.

The best content for your site will inform your visitors and drive them to your required action. Always keep in mind the following:

  • Will visitors quickly know what to do?
  • Will visitors understand where they have landed and what the page is about?
  • Wil visitors know what to do next?
  • Why should visitors buy/sign up/download from your site?

These question ideally need to be answered within your content, using clear messages, pointers and reasons why they should take action.

Although your site's purpose is likely to provide the information about your products and/or services, it is important to realise that not everyone may be ready to make a purchase/sign up on their first visit.

Word your product content in a way that reaches your audience, such as solving a common problem and show how you and/or your product can help them.

Provide more than just product content, think ebooks, infographics, videos and other kinds of quality content so that your visitors feel that they are receiving valuable information.

Ensure your content is of high quality, including:

  • Unique content
  • Valuable content that is informative
  • Regular new content
  • Accurate content

In conclusion, with a little thought and research any site can benefit from greater content.

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