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Secrets to improving your website's usability

Secrets to website usability

Usability is vital for your website to perform at the best levels, allowing visitors to quickly find the information they require, retain returning visitors and boost sales.

Bounce rates
Check your sites analytics for high bounce rates for certain browsers/screen sizes. If you find that some combinations of screens sizes or a particular browser has an abnormally larger bounce rate, check the page over - it could well be due to an issue relating to the usability of that page, such the key information is cut off on certain screen resolutions or a that a design element is thrown out by a CSS anomaly in a particular browser.

Site speed
Your visitors are your potential customers and the first impression of your website and company will be how fast the pages load. Remember than many of your visitors could be access your site via mobile devices which may well have slower connection speeds than traditional internet connections. Don't bog your pages down with huge images that take forever to download.

Font size
Differing font sizes can help to split page content and give a structured flow to a page, but any more than three different font sizes will look a mess on mobile screens. The size differences are much more noticeable on mobiles so keep an eye on how many are being used.

Short forms
Any forms that require users to enter information can become painful for visitors if they are excessively long, expecially if the are entering them on mobile phones. Try to keep them as short as possible and only collect the information that is absolutely necessary.

Ask for feedback
Surveys can be an invaluable way to evaluate your sites online experience and measure visitors satisfaction. By asking the questions such as Did you find the information? or What do you find the most frustrating about the website/product/service? can provide a great way to find which areas need improving on.

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