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12 Ways to improve your LinkedIn profile

Improve your LinkedIn profile

Beef up your LinkedIn profile with these 12 handy tips.

  1. Set up a unique LinkedIn URL If available use your name, if not try adding something that relates to your business after your name e.g. johnsmithconsultant. You can do this by selecting Profile, Edit profile, selecting Edit next to your existing URL and selecting Customize your public profile URL in the box located in the lower right area. Make it easy for people to connect by adding this link to your email signature.
  2. Profile picture Use a professional head and shoulders photo for your profile picture, it does make it easier for a contact or client to find you as you will be easier to recognise. Never use a business logo, LinkedIn connects people not businesses.
  3. Profile headline Make the most of the Profile headline, extend your job title into a couple of lines telling people exactly what you do.
  4. Summary section Use the Summary section to really showcase you expertise, detailing all your skills and experience. When you provide a service for someone ask for endorsements of the skills and offer endorsements for other users.
  5. Status updates Located on the home page the status update allows you let people what you are upto, what events you are attending, new clients or services and a link to your blog. We recommend updating 2-3 times a week.
  6. See who your connections are connecting to People are more likely to connect with you if you are introduced by someone they know, from their profile click "Get introduced", and in the box that appears select the person to introduce you and then send a message to request the introduction.
  7. Integrate with Twitter Include you Twitter handle on your LinkedIn profile and allow it to automatically share all your tweets with LinkedIn, there is an option to Share only tweets that contain #in in your LinkedIn status if you don't want to share them all. You can also share your LinkedIn status updates on Twitter by selecting the box under your status update, saving time on replicating information across multiple social media channels.
  8. Use Groups LinkedIn will have Click on the Groups tab in the main header and start with Groups you may like. Group Directory can be used to find relevant groups and by adding to or creating your own discussions can show you as an industry expert and to provide opportunities to connect with fellow followers of the group. Currently you can only join up to a maximum of 50 groups.
  9. Use events If you are holding an event promote it on LinkedIn, using their free Inmail service you can send invites to to 50 of your connections. Search existing events to see who is attending and if you want to connect with them.
  10. LinkedIn Answers Search for questions in your area of expertise to showcase yourself as an expert in the topic. We recommend answering 2-3 every week to build a high quality credibility.
  11. Set up a company profile As well as your individual profile you can set up one for your company too. This should showcase your products and services and your employees. Add updates regularly of your companies latest activities, products or services - look at at adding at least two updates a week.
  12. Set up LinkedIn share button on your company's websiteLinkedIn share buttons provide easy ways for users to share your content with other LinkedIn members. LinkedIn provide their own buttons to implement into your site with several options.

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