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5 benefits of using SSL certificates on your website

SSL to secure your website

SSL stands for secure sockets layer and is a widely used security protocol providing an encrypted connection, over the internet to a website. It is commonly depicted in the address bar of web browsers as green and/or a padlock and the URL will begin with https:// and secures millions of websites everyday, requiring no interaction from the visitor.

SSL comes with additional benefits for your website visitors so always consider it when setting up a new website.

  1. Customer trust
    As visitors become more internet aware they know to look for the visual signals of a secured site, a site with SSL shows your customers that you can be trusted.
  2. Authentication
    Site owners must prove who they are to receive an SSL certificate from an approved Certificate Authority, and go through identity checking so visitors can be sure the site they are visiting is authentic.
  3. Encryption
    SSL prevents eavesdropping of connections so attackers cannot pick up critical and sensitive information such as credit card information or account log in details.
  4. Compliance
    Certain industries such as credit and debit card providers (PCI) require that an appropriate SSL certificate has been installed onto your website before you can start to take payments.
  5. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) benefit
    Google has announced that there will be a benefit in search rankings to sites secured by SSL, and they want to encourage all sites to move over to SLL on all pages. Currently Google is the only search engine that that does provide a benefit for SSL certificates, however as the market leader it is only a matter of time until other search engines follow.

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