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5 benefits of a mobile optimised site

Mobile optimised website

Smart businesses realise how important it is for their website to be mobile friendly. This means that their site works as well as on mobile phones and tablets as it does on larger screens. By thinking about how your visitors will be viewing your site there are many advantages for your website.

  • Simplifying your site
    When viewing sites through a mobile device most users won't want to read loads of text so think about simplifying your content for mobile users. Make sure navigation is simple to use on mobile devices, fingers are less accurate than using a mouse so ensure links are easy to press.
  • Easy to combine social media links
    Many social media users regularly access social media from their mobile phones so allowing users to easily share your pages is a great way to pass on your content. It can also work the other way, when a user views a tweet or Facebook link to your site, the very fact that it is viewable on a mobile device give a huge advantage as a visitor is more likely to stay on your site and allow you to convert them into sales.
  • Reaching consumers effectively on all platforms
    An improved user experience helps to convert your visitors into sales no matter what device they are using. It is vital that your users can achieve what they need to easily, even if it is on a mobile phone, tablet or other portable device. The easier it is is for a customer to get in contact, make a purchase or sign up for a service, the more likely they will.
  • More flexible than creating mobile apps
    Having a mobile device friendly site is more flexible than mobile apps as one site can work across all mobile phones and tablet devices and does not require complex and often expensive development of different apps for iphones, ipads, Android devices and Windows phones. It is easier to maintain when new versions are released as only one site needs to be updated.
  • Competitive advantage over your competitors
    You can gain an advantage over your competitors by using the most commonly used device that is used to search the Internet - a mobile phone. If a visitor cannot access a site easily they are more likely to leave and visit another site, an ideal way for your site to stand out from the competitors. If you competitors already have a mobile site then you need to catch up quick and stop missing out on those new leads.

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