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Making the most of your website

Making the most of your website

Maximise the return on investment for your website and convert the visitors to your site into users of your product, service or buyer of your goods.

Goal setting

Define and set goals. What do you want to get out of your website? It might be a sale, a request for a sales phone call or a visit to your product details page. Connect with your visitors and lead them through the process of meeting your goals.

Track the visits to your site and whether or not your goals are being completed.

Through clicking

Getting people to your site can be the easy thing, getting them to click through to other pages, and complete your goals is the difficult part.

It is likely that your home page has several audiences. Potential customers, partners, investors, journalists - all may have an interest in your company. Speak directly to each need and make the next step clear. Use active words such as "Learn", "Ask", "Browse", "Sign up". Use "you" and "your"; avoid "we" and "our".

Keep copy short and to the point. Split your text up using headings - a large single paragraph can look very daunting to a new visitor.

Long headings can be difficult to read and off-putting. Use subheadings (H2, H3) to break up long headings.

Just ask

Ask your visitors to do something. Buy Now. Add to Shopping Cart. All examples of asking. Make sure your visitors always know what to do next, so that they aren't left standing in your store, overwhelmed by choices. Add calls to action on every page of your site: Learn More, Help Me Choose, Compare, Next Step. Gently lead visitors down the conversion path, and you'll earn more from the visitors you get.

Simplify conversion steps

The easier it is for a visitor to reach their objective, the more likely it is they'll convert. Obviously, you need to provide the information that the visitor needs before they'll buy or ask for a sales call, but keep it simple.


Remember if it doesn't work don't be afraid to change it. Changing your pages regularly helps to keep your site looking fresh. Adding new content from time to time will provide new items for your site to attract repeat visitors.

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