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How not to set up a small business website

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Visitors will take their impressions of your small business from your site, here are some common things to avoid.

  • Never updating your site's content
    Have you ever visited a site that has not been updated for long time? Copyright notice could be out by several years, no new news articles for months? How can you tell if this business is still going, and what kind of service will they provide if they can't even keep their website updated? This is also a fail when it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO) as Google loves regular new content.
  • Creating long blocks of text
    Website visitors have short attention spans so when given text heavy pages they will simply leave. Break up large blocks of text into easier to digest paragraphs and use bullet points for appropriate items.
  • Never updating your site's look
    Nothing looks worse than a site that appears out of date, times change quickly on the internet and your site has to as well. What does a poor looking website design say about your firm? Look at updating your sites look and feel every 2-3 years to include the latest online trends.
  • No contact information
    How can visitors contact you if you don't include a phone, email or physical address? As a business some details will be a legal requirement, but at the least include an email address. Setting up a contact us form makes it even easier for visitors to get in touch, but remember to check regularly as failing to reply quickly enough is another big no-no.
  • No Call to Action
    Even if you haven't fallen for any of the earlier mistakes unless you have an effective call to action (CTA) you are failing to capitalise on the visitors your site receives. By telling your visitors exactly what to do with a clear button such as "Download now", "Request a quote today" or "Take a 30 day trial" it gives them a simple direction to follow and will hep to increase completion of your goals.

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