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There are many offline marketing areas that you can include your URL on, but here is list of some techniques to increase website traffic you really should consider.

  • Correspondence
    Letter headed paper, compliment slips, invoices should all display your URL. Many people will these hanging around for quite a while so can be useful to draw visitors in.
  • Business Cards
    People always keep hold of business cards so can be useful to carry your URL, people are more likely to remember people than a URL.
  • Targeted Print Material
    When sending out targeted printed material or advertising in newspapers or magazines, include your URL. This can more effective if you advertise in publications that are geared towards your target market.
  • Presentations/Handouts
    Presentations are ideal for drumming up new business, but always include your URL on slides or presentation handouts
  • Promotional Materials
    Branded items such as pens, pencils, mugs or mousemats are inexpensive items that can be given away for free and help to draw in extra visitors.
  • Vehicle Display
    You will see many vans with company names and phones numbers, so why not include your URL here as well? Advertising is becoming more popular on cars as well so take advantage of this, just think of how many people will see your URL when on your way to work and parked in a car park.
  • Uniforms/Clothing
    Branded clothing is fairly common in some industries, but don't limit it to just your company name and logo, include your URL as well.

Which ever techniques you decide to use remember to keep it professional looking or this can damage your brand more than help. As well just your URL you can also include links to Social Media sites to increase your awareness with your potential clients.

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