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Choosing the correct domain name is vitally important to your business, and getting it wrong can have major consequences. Whilst there are no hard and fast rules, for every rule there is a successful site breaking it, there are some tips that can help your choose.

  1. Domain branding
    Domain names should represent your brand, with visitors seeing, typing and remembering your domain name thy are also remembering your brand. There is a shortage of 'good' domain names available so a brand name allows more options. Try brainstorming your brand before jumping in to purchase a domain name.
  2. Domain uniqueness
    Your domain name should be unique, avoid trademarks and not sound or be spelt similar to any other domains/brands. Keep your domain easy to spell, easy to type and memorable. Lookup what words mean, sometimes what you think can be a great name can have other meanings or be a slang term for something you do not want associated with your site.
  3. Keep the domain name short
    Domain names can be up to 63 characters (excluding the www. part and the .com or other extension) however it is best not to use all of these. Shorter domain names are easier to remember and to type, however try to avoid initials or acronyms as they may not mean anything to other users.
  4. Keywords in a domain name myth
    Many people believe that keywords within a domain name can help with search engine optimisation, however there is only a small gain, one that seems to be reducing all of the time. Keyword rich domain names can be offset by having a domain name that is too long making it harder for people to remember and to type in to search engines.
  5. Domain name availability
    Make sure the domain name that you want is available, and check other extensions to ensure there isn't a competing site. For UK company a is essential and maybe even a .com extension. Don't go spending a small fortune on a taken domain names when you can put some more thought into the name and get something for just a few pounds.

Don't forget you can get multiple domain names and point them all at the same website, useful for multiple domain extension, or if you just cannot decide between several names.

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